Meeting agendas and Meeting Minutes can be found below.

A copy of the slideshow from the Youth Anxiety presentation on January 7 can be found here:

OMMS PTSA 12-10-18 meeting draft

OMMS PTSA mtg notes Nov 12 2018 - DRAFT

12.10.18 Meeting Agenda

November Meeting Draft Agenda

OMMS PTSA Nov meeting agenda DRAFT

October Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Oakland Mills Middle School PTSA Meeting Notes – Draft
October 8th, 2018

Meeting called to order at 5:59pm in the Cafeteria of OMMS
Quorum was established
Old Business
Approval of the September 2018 meeting minutes was tabled.
Discussion of open positions, PTACHC Delegate #2 and Cultural Arts Chair
New Business
Grant Requests
8th Grade Field trip to Philadelphia.  Erin Winston motioned to approve $200 out of PTSA Objectives to cover field trip expenses on November 17th.  Adona Seconded, the motion passed.
6th grade field trip to North Bay.  Summer motioned to approve $165 to help cover the cost of one student to North Bay out of PTSA Objectives.  Adona seconded, the motion passed.
Fundraising Report
Chik-fil-a restaurant night netted $206.  Tue Oct 16th is our next restaurant night at Chipolte, 5-9pm, one on Dobbin, needs flier.
Spirit wear is coming up, potential designs to board for approval.

President’s Report
PPW Winter Coat Drive Oct 1-30th.  See Flier, Nov 3rd and Nov 17th are distribution days.
National institute of Mental Health Survey distributed and collected at meeting.  See Flier
Hospitality Report
11-19-18, starting at 11:50am is the PTSA Sponsored Staff Lunch, setup and take down help needed as well as help with donations.
Membership Report
Short report given on current count (Which I missed writing down)

Meeting was adjourned at 6:09pm to go attend restorative circles and learn about what they mean.

September Meeting Minutes DRAFT

OMMS PTS Meeting

Monday, September 24th, 2018


In Attendance: Summer Romack Alan Romack Willow Romack 

AJ RomackMalcolm Brooks Amy Brooks Diane Imbach

Adona Wimberly Nadia HerronSophia Mendoza Teresa Norman 

Dottie Demos Megan Chrobak Jessica MahajanElizabthe McConaghy

Christine WhiteMargaret Stavish Lindsey GonzalezJonathan Edleson


Call to Order @ 6:30pm; Quorum is established

I. Introductions of all Members

II. Old Business

a. Vote to approve Summer Meeting Minutes

i. Dottie Motions to approve the meeting minutes from June, July & August.

ii. Megan 2nd the motion

iii. Motion Carries

b. 2 outstanding Positions; PTACHC & Cultural Arts Chair

i. Alan Romack provided information about the PTACHC position with overview of the meetings.

III. New Business

a. Budget Committee Report

i. 2018-2019 Budget Discussion; Alan Romack detailed

ii. Jessica Mahajan Motions to approve the 2018-2019 OMMS PTA Budget as stated.

III> Dottie 2nds

IV> Motion Carries

IV. Principal’s Report

a. North Bay Informational Meeting for 6th Grade parents; 9/26/2018 @ 6:30pm, 10/11/2018 Chaperone Informational Meeting

b. SFES Basketball Event; OMMS has a team playing

c. Thank you for all the support at Back to School Night

d. Crayola Grant is in process. OMMS is a finalist, staff is continuing to collect photography permission forms from students. Grant provides over $1K in supplies to the school & classrooms. Establishing a Student Council of the Arts; PD Workshop for Instructional staff provided to allow for Fine Arts Integration.

e. Restorative Justice Cohort to be included in Community Dinner/Circles on 10/08/2018. Focus on climate & culture in the building; relationship building; disciple disparity examined; restorative justice practices. Emphasis on relationships & student reflection on their behavior & the effect on themselves & those around them. Team leaders are signing off on all office referrals to ensure the school is working as team for discipline/problem solving. Teachers have volunteered to be the “On Call” staff member during PIP time. Allows additional support for both teachers & students; allows for recognition of Positive Office referrals as well. Over 70% decline in out of school suspensions. Reverse suspension were used, parents/guardian were allowed to attend school with the student.

f. Morning meditation provided by Ms. Johannes each Friday.

g. Wrote a grant for an after-school yoga program.

h. Intermural programs information coming out the 1st/2nd week in October. Programs are free for students.

i. Math Acceleration program was very successful this past summer. There will be additional programming this coming summer. Added 4 days a week of Media Center, intensive writing class to the grant request for the upcoming year.

j. PARCC data, 3% increase in 3-4 scores for ELA; Over 2 years 5% increase in students achieving 4-5, large percentage increases in African American/Hispanic student. 95% pass rate on assessments. More specific details coming on standard testing data.

V. President’s Report

a. OM Fall Festival; 10//06/2018 from 11am-4pm PTA Expenses (Bard Vote Needed)

i. Dottie Motion to approve funding for up to $50 for the OM Fall Festival from the PTSA Objectives

ii. Megan 2nds

iii. Motion Carries

b. SFES Basketball Fundraiser qualifies as a cluster activity. Sponsorship opportunities available for otherPTA’s.

c. PTSA Community Dinner & Circle Meeting; 10/08/2018

d. DrugFree HC Donation Request for $100. Discussion to be tabled for a further meeting.

e. Possibility of guest speakers regarding Pediatric Therapy. Possibility of making an event for sharing with multiple PTA’s

f. Silver Diner is working with HCPSS & Horizon to revamp school menus, provide fundraising opportunities

g. Forum for BOE Candidates will be held 10/15/2018 @ the Other Barn. Sponsored by the OM Education Committee. OM Education Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month before the OMCA Meeting.

VI. Fundraiser Report

a. Restaurant Nights

i. Past: Chick Fil A 9/17

ii. Future: Chipotle 10/16 (5-9pm); Modern Market 11/28

b. Non-Event Fundraiser: $150 to date, more have been received to be processed.

c. Spirit Wear to be ordered, working on the type(s) of clothing/design.

d. Car Magnets. Travel Mugs/Water Bottles

e. Mixed Bag for Fall possible

f. Spring fundraisers are in the works for Spring

VII. Treasurer Report

a. Current $8,163.03 upcoming deposit of $800 dollars.

VIII. Communications Report

a. Sending everything via Facebook; will begin sending more emails. Email list is currently @ 110. QR code on membership forms & via website to sign up for emails. Increase to 64% of email openings.

IX. Hospitality Report

a. Teacher Breakfast

b. Future Events

X. Membership Report

a. Back to School Night, successfully collected 33 new members at the event. Currently at 72 members. Tonight’s additional membership forms will bring the number to 116 members. PayPal is set up for memberships, link has been sent.

b. Thank you cards are sent with the PTSA membership cards.

c. Possibility to provide 50% membership for staff who are part time at OMMS.

d. Future Events, is anyone available to be present at the North Bay Informational meeting to make a quick PTSA announcement? 6th Grade Parents will handle.

XI. Teacher Liaison Report

a. Teacher OMMS Grant

i. Ms. Bring requesting $120.00 for the student participation in the National Geographic Bee out of PTSA Target 2 Bee

III> Dottie motions to approve the funding of up to $120 for the National Geographic Bee.

IV> Elizabeth 2nds

V> Motion Carries

ii. Ms. Johannes requesting $478.00 for the purchase of Pro Panel Display Boards for displaying students projects/work.

III> Casey motions to approve the funding for $478.00 for the purchase & shipping of the Pro Panel Display Boards.

IV> Elizabeth 2nds

V> Discussion: grant was requested from OMCA

VI> Alan motions to modify the motion to state the grant will be approved pending the receipt of the OMCA grant.

VII> Megan 2nds

VIII> Vote to approve amendment; motion carries

IX> Vote to approve the newly modified motion; motion carries

b. Art Request (pending OMCA grant being awarded), continue to include in the newsletter. Possibility to sponsor a monthly supply drive for Staff/Teachers (ie: pencils, tissues, hand sanitizer). Dottie would provide a monthly list of needed items.

c. Reduced membership for part-time staff

d. Potential future PTSA workshops: Officer Harris (HC Youth Liaison). Ofc Harris comes to PTSA meetings to present to students on a variety of topics.

XII. Community Question/Concerns:

a. Provide English & Spanish instructions for enrolling in the Giant A+ Rewards.

Meeting Adjourns @ 8:14pm


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